Selmer Series III Tenor Saxophone Review

Source by Derek Yeung

The Selmer Series III throws a big punch.

The ergonomics of the buttons are amazing. You actually play faster because of the layout of the keys. Your fingers just fly on this instrument. They are placed on the saxophone in such a natural position. One note flows on your fingers to the next. The side D, E flat, and F keys are positioned so that you can just roll your fingers on them. The G sharp, B, C sharp, and B flat keys are easy to move the left pinky finger on.

The sound that comes out of this saxophone is huge. It can be very loud if blown to its fullest. This saxophone gives out a nice round sound. The notes sound full. You do not even need a mic with this instrument. Of course having a mic would make it sound even better. It is a nice bright sound.

The altissimo range is beautiful. They come out crisp and clean. There is no fuzziness to the altissimo notes. They are clear as a bell. You can play a G, and G sharp really clearly. Whereas on a Yamaha student model tenor saxophone you would get some distortion.

The lower notes are beautiful. When you play the B flat on a sub-tone it can come out really loud but controlled at a sub-tone sound. It is easy to sub-tone a B flat on this instrument. It comes out warm and fuzzy.

This saxophone comes with the option of engraving. The engraving is done by hand and is beautiful. If you get one of these saxophones I would suggest to get the engraving. It is beautiful you can look at the engraving by searching through the internet on Selmer saxophones.

This Selmer series III model comes in five colors:

-polished brass, clear lacquered

-polished brass, matte lacquered

-black lacquered

-brushed, clear lacquered a.k.a. Matte

-silver plated

The polished brass matte lacquered only comes without engraving.

There are many cases you can get for this saxophone. I would suggest to get one with a lock so that no one else can get into your saxophone case.

When playing jazz with this saxophone the saxophone seems to speak to you. You play differently because it gives off a different sound. You feel different notes. You hear different notes. The saxophone tells you what it wants to play.

If you are looking at getting one of these look to spending anywhere from $5,000 for a matte lacquer finish and $15,000 for gold plated.

Source by Derek Yeung