Symmetry: In Memories // Nick Zoulek, saxophone & video

Author: Nick Zoulek

Track available on Rushing Past Willow (INNOVA Records)
Physical album available at:
Stream on Spotify:

Film: Nick Zoulek
Music: Nick Zoulek
Dance: Claire Cuny
VFX: Helen Holman

Mix: Jason Charney

Shot on Sony a7sii with Ronin M

Symmetry: in Memories grows through repetition, reflecting upon
symmetrical pathways found in memories. The piece expounds the auditory possibilities of the alto saxophone, linking every conceivable sound of the conical tube through circular breating, creating a virtuosic narrative of fluttering spirit.

Through a collaboration formed at New Music Gathering 2017, Nick Zoulek and dancer/musician Claire Cuny (Reliant Tom, Obelus Movement) recall vulnerability and symmetry in motion, contrasting Claireʼs movement between a pristine surface and frayed recollections.

Symmetry: In Memories is part of Rushing Past Willow, an intermedia project that encompasses film, dance, animation, and recorded mediums. The work can be heard on Zoulekʼs album, Rushing Past Willow, available on Innova Records.

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