$250 Saxophone vs $3,100 Saxophone

Author: Saxologic

I played on some student model Selmer for my very first sax in 6th grade, then in 7th grade I got a silver Jupiter with gold keys (I thought it was the coolest thing in the world lol), then finally in 10th grade I got the Yamaha YAS-62III and I’ve been playing on it since. Before I got it, they had me blind test 2 Yamaha saxes: the 62 and the 82z. I felt that the 82z was better in my hands but the 62 sounded better. So I went with the 62 because I figured my fingers can get used to anything. There are a bajillion saxes I want to try but where do I even begin? And with what excess funds? I need to go to a sax convention/festival! Sax.co.uk, please move to America!!

Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro
0:46 Unboxing begins
2:29 Saxophone reveal
3:28 Stock equipment
5:38 Setting up the stock setup
6:01 Play testing the stock setup
9:48 Classical comparison
10:34 Jazz comparison
11:39 The importance of cork grease
11:53 My honest thoughts
12:58 Outro
13:06 The necessary ritual of life

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Oh, this again?

I spend a lot of time on these descriptions and they usually go unnoticed.

The fact you’re here either says you’re a real one, or that you’re just an odd ball (like me).

It’s either that, or you read a comment talking about the description.

If that’s the case, I still welcome you here. Hello. Welcome.

These videos take forever. I’m really considering hiring an editor.

Do you think it would be worth it? My fear is that my style of videos halt evolving, since I’d be putting it into the hands of someone else.

One of the excitements of YouTube is seeing my videos improve in quality and structure. If someone edits for me, then I’ll never see what I could have become.

It’s like… if someone practiced sax for you. Sure, maybe they could do it better… but it’s not really you anymore.

Or maybe I’m just overthinking.

It’s 5:04 AM and I have class this morning at 11:15 am. What am I doing?

I have my contacts on but I think I’m just gonna sleep with them on. Bad I know, but very convenient!

Man, reading this description is a journey huh?

Could this be my way of procrastinating on sleep?

Or is this my subconscious longing for social interaction?

I know very few people in Miami and the virus has made it next to impossible to make meaningful friendships.

I’m not even allowed to sit next to anyone in class. Crazy.

YouTube, lessons, and saxophone are the things keeping me going. The grind is real.

Oh and don’t forget Smash Bros. A wholeeeeee lot of that.

Even though it is unfortunate how much we depend on technology now, I still am pretty thankful for it. Essentially it lets me take a break off Earth whenever I feel like and enter a new reality.

Okay, I just cooked these super hot Korean noodles and they gave me crazy hiccups. I’m gonna finish these as I watch Hunter X Hunter. Then I’m gonna take a nap before class.

Lol. Nap…

Can’t believe you made it this far.

You are… the true master. A virtuoso of our time.

Speaking of that, I saw something advertising me and they described me as virtuosic.

Do not listen to that. I am not! I am a student with very, very much to learn.

Please remember that just because I have a lot of subscribers does not mean I’m a better saxophone player than people with not as much. Not even close! I have my weaknesses.

I’m honestly not sure why I have so many subscribers. If you are down this far, could you comment why you subscribed to me? I am curious!

Okay, time to finish this food.

Good night (well, morning)!!

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