TK小林香織 Kaori Kobayashi Saxophone-Nothing gonna change my love for you

Author: TK SAXOPHONE OFFICE Kaori Kobayashi

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公告:自2010年起真正由小林香織與TK saxophone合作開發的薩克斯風及吹嘴以隆重推出,小林香織鄭重向大家宣佈他並無代言任何廠牌的吹嘴與楽器。目前只有與TK 薩克斯風Melody共同開発的「小林香織款式」楽器及吹嘴呼籲大家請勿購買違法商品。


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In 1940, the painter and amateur musician Chang (grandfather) offered to try to repair a friend’s European saxophone that had been destroyed in a house fire. Owing to Chang Lien-chen’s painting technique, he was able to draw out all parts of the saxophone and spent three years to assemble the very first saxophone made in Taiwan, and locals started to manufacture all parts and created an industry chain. Hence, the local saxophone manufacturing industry has been dynamic ever since.

Chang started a saxophone manufacturing business in 1948. The sophistication of Chang’s handmade saxophone has since won the recognition of international musical instrument companies and received ODM/OEM orders in the early times. In 2000, the grand childrens of Chang’s continued to run saxophone business, and seek to promote their own brand name as “TK MELODY Saxophone” in inherenting the spirit and technique of their grandfather. Now, not only TK MELODY Saxophone is a leading icon of the saxophone industry, we have been devoted to designing and producing saxophone and serve best for our customers for more than six decades, but also we are the only Taiwan factory that have international sax player Kaori Kobayashi endorsed and her cooperation for product innovation and development.

At the same time, following its own branding strategy, Tk Saxophone insists to offer best quality product and co-works with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to apply scientific methods and advanced technologies in production.

We sincerely hope one day, the TK MELODY saxophone will be famous all over in the future.

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