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Learn to play Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush with this easy tutorial for all saxophones. Play along with the backing track, sheet music, and fingerings for beginners ♫ Printable sheet music available at and

Fully titled Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God), this song from English singer Kate Bush was originally released in 1985. In 2022 it received a surge in popularity after being featured prominently in season 4 of the Netflix show Stranger Things, sending the song back into the charts and becoming Kate Bush’s first ever Top 10 song in the United States.

0:00 Alto Tutorial
1:55 Alto Playalong
3:23 Tenor Tutorial
5:19 Tenor Playalong
Note: Baritone Sax can play along with the Alto Sax part, and Soprano Sax can play along with the Tenor Sax part

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