Saxophonist TROLLS strangers on OMEGLE!

Author: FoolishFrankie

I played a bunch of songs for strangers on Omegle and got some funny reactions! Enjoy:)

0:00 The Macarena
0:32 Boy’s a liar – improvised loop, muted part of it cuz copyright:(
2:19 Sandstorm but I take too long to drop the beat
4:38 The chaos of Omegle
5:47 Brazil – Declan McKenna (prepared loop)
7:45 Gary Come Home (prepared loop)
9:24 Passionfruit (improvised loop)
12:30 More chaos
13:46 Cowgirls – Morgan Wallen (improvised loop)
14:49 Africa (improvised loop)
16:29 Wild, unedited, back to back interactions

#omegle #saxophone #musician


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