Karuna – George Brooks & Utsav Lal – Saxophone-Piano Duo – 2020

Saxophonist George Brooks and pianist Utsav Lal are delighted to present “Karuna”, Brooks’ composition, set in Raag Yaman (in a nine beat rhythmic cycle), and dedicated to the late Sri Karunamayee of New Delhi, a senior student of Brooks’ guru, Kirana vocalist, Pandit Pran Nath.

This recording of Karuna was created remotely during the Covid-19 shelter in place with Utsav Lal in New York City and George Brooks in San Francisco, California”.

This recording is the first duo collaboration between Utsav Lal and George Brooks. Utsav Lal, is an artist with a rare ability to perform raga and western music on the piano. Lal’s deep understanding of raga comes from his training under the guidance of legendary Dhrupad exponent, Ustad F.Wasifuddin Dagar and New Delhi violinist, Sharat Srivastava. George Brooks is an American saxophonist and composer known for combining jazz and Indian classical music. He is a long time collaborator of Terry Riley and Zakir Hussain and is a founder of the jazz fusion groups Summit, Aspada, Bombay Jazz, the Raga Bop Trio, and Elements. Brooks studied North Indian classical music with Pandit Pran Nath and saxophone with Joe Allard.


If you enjoy this recording you can download it from Bandcamp https://earthbrothermusic.bandcamp.co…​

George Brooks – saxophone and composer
Utsav Lal – piano
Piano recorded, Pulse Music NYC, Robin Buyer – Engineer
Mix, master and saxophone recording George Brooks, Earth Brother Studio, Berkeley CA
Karuna ©2020 and 2018 Earth Brother Music BMI
© All rights reserved

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